Kicking into high gear

As promised last week, this week marks the start of our Kickstarter Campaign.  For those who don't know, Kickstarter is a process for collecting startup / investment funds for projects.  For a specified period (usually a month) anyone can make a pledge to the campaign.  If enough money is pledged by the end of the campaign period, all of the pledged money is transferred to the owners of the project.  If the campaign fails to meet its goals, no pledged money is actually taken from contributors.

The Kickstarter community has become a bit of a metagame - if you "bet" on projects which will become successful, you gain reputation.  Your losing bets cost you nothing, so you only actually put money into the community when you "win" - that's pretty much the inverse of the old Arcade Model, where players would only put in a new quarter when they died.

So, please check out our Kickstarter page, and pledge generously.

It has been our intent from the beginning to make Sunstone Games more than just a one-game studio, but a strong showing from our initial product would really do a lot to facilitate a faster production cycle for the next project.

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