We're funded!

There are still a few hours to go, but as of this morning our Kickstarter campaign is (exactly) 100% funded.  But rather than bask in our own success, I'd like to take this time to draw attention to some other really worthy projects on Kickstarter.  I know firsthand how important even $1 is for achieving success!

Hanafuda Cards:

Oh, I remember many happy hours playing Kwa-Do with my sister using these cards.  Is anyone outside of Japan familiar with these?  Apparently at least one person is!

Exile Sun:

I played this board game at BGG.con in November.  They already have super-professional-quality components, so I don't really know what they need investment for.  But if you can just buy a game through this campaign, it's probably money worth spending.


Wow - this one looks really amazing.  They've already spent 2 years on it, and it looks like a real-time mix of Moonbase commander and Scorched Earth.  SO AWESOME.


By the team that made 100 Rogues.  That game wasn't especially compelling, but their new idea sounds stronger, and actually shipping an iOS game has GOT to increase your chops significantly.

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