Betas Away!

If you didn't already know from our Twitter feed, Sun Stones is officially in Beta as of December 31st, 2011.  We've already sent out more than two dozen beta invites to our contributors, but we're looking for as many eyeballs as we can get while we try to finish the game, so anyone with an online Android or iOS device should send an e-mail to:

Our able-bodied team will set you up with your very own pre-release build of the game!

We're using TestFlight for this process, at least for iOS users, because they make it easy for us to register devices and get things working smoothly.  From the user's point of view, they just click on a link and our app installs on their phone - no messy ID numbers, or provisioning nonsense.

(All that "nonsense" still happens, of course, but TestFlight allows it to happen behind the scenes.)

Of course, getting the game into beta tester hands is only the first step - the second step is getting feedback about the game, bug reports, suggestions, etc.  To streamline that process we've set up a series of google forms: one for each type of report.  In our first 12 hours of beta we've already received more than a dozen responses to the forms, which is a great start.  We have some analytics in place within the game, so we can see (for example) how many levels have been completed by all users - but that's a very rough look at the experience players are really having, so insightful well-written feedback is critical to the beta process.

Our team is absolutely looking over every report in detail (maybe a bit too much detail) so this is a great opportunity for folks to influence the game with their opinions.

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