Sun Stones - the game that plays itself?

We're hard at work improving Sun Stones - we've published 4 version updates since our release two short weeks ago.  We're pleased to announce that we have had not one single bug report in that time, so all of our efforts have been going towards future content.

The three big areas we're expanding upon include:

1 - New puzzles!
2 - Level Editor!
3 - Solution VCR!

The Level Editor is a very highly-anticipated item, at least partially because it's been locked out for users since release, but we left the buttons in to tantalize players.  The editor has actually been functional for months - we built all of the puzzles for Sun Stones with the in-game level editor - but it's going to need quite a bit of UI polish and tuning before we're ready to release it to the masses.

New puzzles are self-explanatory.  ;)

The Solution VCR, however, is a new feature that might surprise some players - because we've been keeping it under wraps the past month.  Some players get stuck on a certain puzzle - and even though in Sun Stones you can always move on, these players will often give up on the game entirely.  That's no fun!  But we're giving them a way to simply watch the solution for themselves, letting them learn the trick to that particular puzzle and then move on with the extra knowledge.  We're literally teaching the game to play itself for you.

Now, this might seem a bit odd - what's the point of a puzzle game where the solutions are just given to you?  Well we're not simply going to let players cheat on the puzzles - we want to limit the number of times they can use it.  To this end, we are introducing "solution tokens" these tokens are very limited (we're still working out exactly how limited they are) and each solution you view costs 1 token from your stash.  This poses a challenge to players - is this the puzzle you REALLY want to get hints on?

We know this will be a somewhat controversial feature - but we're excited to share it with the world in the next few weeks!  As always, we welcome your feedback.

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